A few years ago, I dreamt of helping new mums to have a happier postpartum period.  


To help the 300,000 women in the UK who experience pain and discomfort after childbirth, the Comfyse Cushy Cushion was born. It helped hundreds of women to have a better postnatal period. However, due to challenging times in 2020, it’s with great sadness that I say, Comfyse is now closing it’s doors.

Thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who tried my invention and to those who bought one to use. 


Thank you to all the amazing entrepreneurs I met along my entrepreneurial journey, who supported me, gave me advice and were cheerleaders.


Thank you to my family and friends who helped me along the way.


It was a very special three years in my life, but now I am to move onto a new chapter during 2020 and beyond.