The Comfyse Cushy Cushion


It’s a new soft, supportive and flexible maternity cushion.

Designed by a mom to help expectant moms and new moms.

Now you can easily sit down and relieve your perineal pain, discomfort from piles and/or coccyx pain.


It’s now easier to improve your wellbeing during your pregnancy and after childbirth by sitting on the Comfyse Cushy Cushion


What Causes Women To Need a Comfyse Cushy Cushion?

For too long women have suffered the painful “ouch” when they want to sit down whilst they are pregnant or a new mom because they have been suffering from;

  1. pregnancy piles or groin pain

  2. perineal bruising

  3. perineal tears (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th degree tears)

  4. an episiotomy (an incision often made to assist with your baby’s birth)

  5. coccyx pain

  6. anal fissures

Our simple and effective maternity cushion now enables moms like you to sit down, get comfy and to rest, recuperate and to bond with your baby.

It’s designed to be soft, supportive and flexible, so that you can get on with being mom-to-be or a new mommy, without having to think twice about whether you can even sit down.

What Moms Have To Say About the Comfyse Cushy Cushion

5 star rating

An excellent product that really helped alleviate the groin pain I experienced during pregnancy. It also made sitting more comfortable post delivery of my baby.



   Mrs C. Price

   Director of Midwifery


The Comfyse Cushy Cushion provided such a relief after having my little girl.


The style made it discreet and easy to use and the design was perfect for protecting my stitches after my tear. I would definitely recommend the cushion to anyone who experiences pain or discomfort when sitting down.


    Dr L. Goodwin


 Wow! I didn’t know such a product existed before my midwife shared this with me. The Comfyse Cushy Cushion made me feel less pain and I was far more comfortable when I sat down after having given birth.


     Ms A. Musa

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