The Comfyse Cushy Cushion

With it’s soft, supportive and flexible design, this new maternity seating cushion will help you to rest recuperate and bond with your baby.

5 Stars!

The Comfyse Cushy Cushion provided such a relief after having my little girl.

The style made it discreet and easy to use and the design was perfect for protecting my stitches after my tear. I would definitely recommend the cushion to anyone who experiences pain or discomfort when sitting down.

Dr L. Goodwin



Six months pregnant

I’m an expectant mom and I’ve been using my Comfyse Cushy Cushion for a few months now, as I am experiencing pain and discomfort due to hypermobility, fibromyalgia, sciatica and pelvic girdle pain. I also have a rare blood disease.

This fabulous maternity cushion has been an absolute blessing to me. I take it wherever I go, including to the hospital every week where I have to go for treatment due to my conditions.



New Mom

Here I am holding my baby, my second child whilst sitting on my Cushy Cushion. I love how it’s discreet so no one needs to know you’re sitting on it.

I had piles whilst pregant, and so I started using my maternity cushion a month before I gave birth. It definitely helped me to sit down more comfortably.

After I gave birth my piles were very painful and were protruding so I sat on my Cushy Cushion for two weeks before the terrible pain subsided. I could not have coped with sitting on a normal sofa or chair after the birth, so the maternity cushion was a life saver for me.