The Comfyse Story, by Anita Hill

Hi! I’m Anita Hill and the Founder of Comfyse. 

I remember 2010 quite clearly, as I was pregnant for the first time in my life.

I admit that I was very fortunate because I experienced a healthy pregnancy and I was able to stay active right until the birth. However when I was giving birth to my first child, I endured a rather long 39 hour labour using gas and air. When my baby was born, I was so happy. Yet, unsurprisingly I was exhausted and very hungry. However it soon became apparent that something wasn’t right as the midwife told me that she just wanted the Doctor to check something.

As a new mum I was naturally concerned. Why did the Doctor need to take a look? The Doctor came and she examined the birth canal. She didn’t say much to me other than that she was going to stitch me and the Midwife would give me some pain relief.

The whole experience of being stitched up for a severe 2nd degree perineal tear was not pleasant for a number of reasons. I was glad when it was over.

When I took my baby home the following day I felt very sore due to the bruising, swelling and tears. Sitting down was just so uncomfortable and I was desperate to sit down and recuperate and to feed my baby, but the thought of the pain made me whince every time I sat down. This was not conducive for breastfeeding, which I really wanted to do.



I asked the midwife what I could do and she advised rolling some towels up and sitting on them. I tried this but they flattened and scooted out to the sides as I’ve a leather sofa. My mother (who is in the picture with my Nan) bought me two rubber rings which were slightly different sizes, but I found these painful too as they were putting pressure on my bottom where there was pain and they pulled on my stitches. The two rubber rings also ended up popping when I sat on them, because they were not designed to have an adult sit on them. It was really frustrating.

Having to suffer the pain was bad enough, but I was perplexed why I had pain near my bottom as the perineal tearing experienced was internal. After weeks of suffering the pain, especially when I needed to sit down to feed my baby, I went to see my GP. After describing my problems, my GP said that I should see an Osteopath.

The Osteopath diagnosed a displaced coccyx that was pointing 90 degrees the wrong way (due to it being pushed out of place by my baby during the birth) and that is why it was painful near my bottom.

I had been finding sitting down nigh on impossible. We take sitting down comfortably for granted. Until you start feeling pain and discomfort every time you sit down to rest and recuperate, you can’t imagine how frustrating and tiring it is.

It was at this time that I decided that I would like to help new mums so that they don’t have to experience the discomfort that I have. After dabbling with research for two years, I have created a maternity cushion which has been designed and created in the U.K. and has been tested with real mums.

 Both pregnant women and new mums have tried and tested the Comfyse Cushy Cushion and each and every one has said how comfortable they have found it to sit on when they have had one or more of the following; piles, pelvic girdle pain, groin pain, perineal tears, episiotomies, coccyx displacement and fissures.

It’s because of this fantastic positive feedback that I’ve had that I set up Comfyse. Now it’s time for me to help as many expectant and new mums to sit comfortably. 


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