Pregnant Women’s Hospital Bag Must Haves


by Anita Hill, mum of two children

Having given birth to two babies in hospital, I’m sharing with first time mums in particular, the things that I found useful to have with me whenI gave birth in hospital.


  1. Your green maternity pack for the midwife, with your birthing plan


  1. High energy and easily eaten snacks and drinks for you, but also for your birthing partner


  1. Something comfortable you want to wear during labour and the delivery – e.g. loose t-shirt


  1. Something comfortable and loose to wear after the birth i.e. jeans will rub on your sensitive perineum and so aren’t ideal to wear


  1. Maternity pads – lots of them (pack of 12-14 minimum for two days stay) as the bleeding/discharge (known as lochia) in the first few days is heavy, far heavier than during a period.


  1. Maternity pants – large and comfy pants as you’ll be sensitive and somewhat sore after the birth, so no thongs!


  1. Comfyse Cushy Cushion – for you to sit on after the birth. You won’t want to sit on a flat surface due to the discomfort experienced in your perineum (and possibly also your bottom & coccyx). Available at comfyse.com.


  1. Slippers – you don’t want to walk on the cold, hard hospital floor


  1. Dressing gown – ideally a cotton one rather than a winter woolly version as it’s hot in hospital but you’ll want to cover up when on the ward with your baby


  1. Newborn baby nappies – at least a pack of 5-6 for each day/night


  1. Baby grows – take a few to dress your baby in for two days


  1. A little hat for the baby – especially if you’re giving birth in the colder months


  1. A soft baby blanket


  1. Cotton wool pads for wiping your baby clean during nappy changes


  1. Your mobile phone – for those first pictures/videos and to send the messages to loved ones who are all tentatively waiting for the good news


  1. Small bottle of shampoo/conditioner and shower gel for the first shower after the birth of your baby – I remember what bliss it was to feel fresh again after the hard work of labour.


  1. Oh! And don’t forget to take the car seat for your baby – you can’t bring your baby home in a car without one.


You might think that stuff you want to take to hospital is missing off the list – and you’re right- everyone has different needs. The list I’ve written includes the basic things that you’ll need for your time in hospital. Of course, speak to your midwife and discuss what else you’d like to take with you that will make your baby’s birth as you wish it to be.

Wishing you all the best!




Disclaimer –  Please seek medical advice from your GP Doctor or Midwife if you are concerned about any conditions or pain that you are experiencing during your maternity.