Postpartum Aids for New Mums


by Anita Hill, mum of two children and Founder of Comfyse

Before having children many women don’t really talk about their perineum or pelvic floor. Some don’t actually know what their perineum is. Do you?

It’s not something women talk about openly. What I am I talking about? The postpartum period that occurs after childbirth.


Why is this?

The postpartum period for a new mum can be amazing, as you’ve just given birth and met your new-born baby. However it can be a tough time for new mums too. Our mums and grandmothers were brought up not to speak openly about what happens and so we, as their daughters are not clued up about the postpartum period. Which is a real shame as without education we can struggle to cope with the change that happens in our lives during the postpartum.

What you may well find though, is that once you’ve given birth your mum will suddenly start talking about rubber rings and donut cushions. You’ll be thinking, “why on earth do I need one of those?” Then when you want to get out of bed to go and sit with your baby to feed or to rest and have a cup of tea on the sofa, you find it excruciating. Typically, previous generations of new mums used rubber rings to sit on or just “got on with it”.

When I had given birth for the first time, I struggled for a long time to sit on a chair, any chair.

My mum bought me a rubber ring to use. I tried sitting on it but there were fundamental floors to this type of product for a new mum.

  • My rubber ring was not designed to be sat on by an adult and so it popped (which was wholly embarrassing)
  • They can pull on perineal stitches, even causing the stitches to open up as they don’t mould to your body shape
  • They are not suitable to use if you have any pain or protrusions in or near your bottom or coccyx (I did not know that I had a displaced coccyx when I sat on the rubber ring so it’s no wonder it really hurt when I did)
  • The rubber does not breath with the user’s skin and so can cause you to sweat

It’s because of not having a suitable solution to sit on and the poor experience I had with a rubber ring during my postpartum, that I decided to create a new bespoke solution, a postpartum cushion, for new mums to use that absolutely meets their special seating needs.

Being able to sit down during your postpartum is important. Why? Because if, as the mum, you are not rested, you can struggle to cope with the changes in your life. Just functioning, doing everyday tasks, can sometimes be so hard when you are sleep deprived. But most new mums put themselves last when it comes to being cared for. If you’re trying to get on and look after your baby, your partner, the house/flat, do the shopping, do the washing (oh there’s so much of it!), the cleaning, the cooking etc. STOP!

You need to let others do stuff in the house. Take a break and a step back and focus on your well-being and that of your baby’s. You need to rest, recuperate and get time to bond with your baby.

So what can you do to help yourself get some well needed rest?

To enable you to sit down when you have perineal and/or pain in your coccyx or bottom there are some postpartum cushions that you may wish to try.

The most common types of postpartum cushions that women have used to date during their maternity are donut cushions and rubber rings. These options are not actually ideal for use in the postpartum as they have not been designed for women like you to use during your maternity, but for more generic physical ailments. See the cushion comparisons below.

However now there is a new specially designed postpartum cushion to use. It’s called the Comfyse Cushy Cushion. It’s been tested by real women during their postpartum. Genuinely, this new postpartum cushion has been and is a real help to women who have had piles, groin pain, SPD, perineal bruising, perineal tears, anal fissures and coccyx pain.

This postpartum cushion is different. Just see below.

The Cushy Cushion is a high quality British made cushion that can be used during your pregnancy and postpartum but also afterwards as a back support cushion, a kneeling cushion when you are bathing your children and as a kneeling cushion in the garden when you’re weeding (just put it in a waterproof cover).  In the interests of longevity and sustainability, repurposing the cushion is so important.


  Rubber Ring Donut Cushion Comfyse Cushy Cushion
Unique Design No No Yes
Specifically designed to be sat on when you have perineal issues No No Yes
Specifically designed to be sat on when you have 3rd or 4th degree tears No No Yes
Specifically designed to be sat on when you have perineal tears and coccyx/anal issues No No Yes
Removable cover to keep it hygienic No Some Yes
Made in UK No Some Yes


You too can get comfy and be happy with a Comfyse Cushy Cushion.

Learn more about this new invention which has been made by a mum, for mums.


Disclaimer –  Please seek medical advice from your GP Doctor or Midwife if you are concerned about any conditions or pain that you are experiencing during your pregnancy or postpartum.